Gaming is supposed to be fun. We cannot all be too serious all the time. We thought that it would be right to begin this new week on a lighter note. That’s why we are bringing you memes exclusively from the gaming world, that every gamer can relate to.

Memes are amusing or interesting items (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online propagated through social media and networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

There are tons of memes all around the internet. However, these are the top memes for gamers. We hope you enjoy our top selection for today.

😂😂😂So true.. Why does this always happen?

This one is very true. Everyone can attest to this. Have you ever seen or been arrested by a female cop in any of the GTA games? What’s up Rockstar Studios?

Well, this is very ironic. Don’t you think?

Me last night. Tried so hard.

Bullet sponge! Show yourselves!

lmao. Back in their day

He always does.


Make your pick. I have to say, it’s a tough choice if you know them all.

Oh yeah!

True.. I know the problem is really serious when I'm to able to play or I don't feel better while playing.

R. I. P to all the NPCs caught up in the crossfire.. To all those thinking that they are still innocent after playing video games.


Very ironic.. Sone heavy scrutiny on GTA Vice city

I don't even know who you are.


The graphics was amazing.. Escape from reality.

Should have gone longer

No disrespect to mobile gamers


Only gamers can relate

Yeah. Gaming is a healthy addiction.. Do it right?

Again, no disrespect to mobile gamers. 

Let's face it. we've all been there.

No doubts about it. 110% true!

wait! what?!

We hope you enjoyed our selection of memes. Happy New Week! 🎮🎮