Hello Gamers. Today, we bring you another set of interesting trivia and mind-blowing facts about our most preferred activity that you may or may not have come across. Here we go:

1. The video game with the longest development time is a game called Metroid Dread with took a whopping 16 years to develop and closely followed by Duke Nekem which took 15 years.. Wow!

2. GTA was originally supposed to be a racing game called Race 'n' chase. 

3. The first game console played in space is the Nintendo Game Boy.

4. The longest running video game franchise is The Oregon Trail for 49 years, 3 months. This is closely followed by Pacman. You might be looking for GTA, but it ranks no wear near the first 70 in this category. Funny!

5. The longest game or the game with the longest playing time for completion is Monster Hunter 3 with a massive 693 hours to complete. Phew!!

6. The first game "Pong" was invented by a computer engineer. His name was Allan Alcorn. Noteworthy??

7. The longest video game session, that is the longest time spent playing a single game nonstop is 138 Hours 48 minutes by Carrie Swidecki of USA closely followed by another massive 135 hours by Okan Kaya of Sydney. This is a whole new level.

8. The youngest professional gamer was just 11 years old. His name is Victor De Leon III also known as Lil Poison.

9. The first E Sports tournament was held in the '70s.


10. The first successful 3D game was Battlezone, produced by Atari and released in 1980. Not the first attempt though but the commercially accepted and successful. 

Hope you were marveled at these facts?

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