There's a popular saying that girls cannot be gamers. How erroneous!!

Women and video games have gotten a lot of attention from academics and the media. Female gamers have been considered a minority since the 1990s, but industry polls suggest that the gender ratio has gotten closer to equal over time, with women accounting for roughly half of all gamers since the 2010s.

A girl gamer is a girl who plays video games, who enjoys playing video games and does so regularly. Female gamers range from the 'casual' to the 'hardcore,' and are interested in a wide range of genres and game types. They may specialize in one game or play a range of various games. Girl gamers are more noticeable in FPS games since they are uncommon than in online games, which have a large female player base.

Because of scrutiny, girl gamers may however pretend to be male in order to avoid comments about their gender while gaming, making them appear even more uncommon. Girl gamers can also be hard to spot outside of a game because they frequently chat about things other than games while they are not playing them.

There is even an online gaming event called THE GIRL GAMER Esports Festival, aimed at bringing all the girl gamers together and to encourage others that might want to venture into gaming. 

It is a prevalent misconception that all female gamers are unattractive, obese, or male, but this is not always the case.

Moreso, the female gender have been part of the video game industry since the '60s, for example Mabel Addis of The Sumerian Game (1964) was the first writer of a video game and recognized as the first female game designer. Also, another woman, Carol Shaw is recognized as the first woman to develop a commercially released game, 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe for the Atari 2600 in 1978.  How does this figure? You just have to understand that you cannot develop or write a game, if you're not a gamer.

Girl Gamers are a rare and magnificent species, and those that do exist are feared by the Guy Gamers.

Shout out to all the girl gamers out there. Special shout out to one of the exceptional girl gamer "Joey" 💪🏻💪🏻