Like many gamers out there, this is an unfamiliar term but gives a sense of familiarity when described. There’s are numerous reasons why people play video games. It could be for socialization, to acquire skill, peer pressure and most particularly, escapism. This pegs the big question, what is Video Game Escapism?


Escapism, according to scholars, is the act of immersing oneself in video games. Escapism occurs when gamers play video games to avoid real life problems. It is part of a group of phenomena called Internet Gaming Disorder. Digital games are sometimes seen as having two inherent escapist qualities. The first thing about them is that they are the sparkling representatives of cutting-edge virtuality, personifying the enticing unreality of something that was mistakenly thought to exist on the other side of a screen. The idea that play and games are somehow distinct from regular, everyday life and the opposite of seriousness and labour is a second factor that contributes to the association of gaming with escapism.

Sometimes, gamers play to cheer themselves up, because lately, their life has been going downhill

They tend to escape into a supernatural or fictional world of a game that does not exist because they are too disappointed and want a lease from the problems in the real world.

These escapists usually isolate themselves in a room and keep staring at a screen for several hours straight because they feel their life has been a bit unfair.

However, rather than confronting these issues and seeking solutions, these people instead create a virtual reality. A lot of folks utilize use this as a way to escape their terrible world.

Having the technology to run a hyper-realistic simulation, gamers have gravitated towards it rather than seeking a solution to their issues, according to The Simulation Hypothesis, which simply claims that we are living in a simulation because our original reality was pretty messed up.

Escapism was viewed as a one-dimensional construct with a strong correlation to unfavorable results. For example, becoming completely immersed in video games could cause gaming disorder highlighted by the fact that playing video games as a form of escape can become addictive. However, it was maintained that gaming disorders should be distinguished from gaming addiction. For instance, people who are hooked to gaming may utilize escape as a coping mechanism for depressive feelings.

Further asserted, escapism could act as a mediator between psychological issues and excessive gaming (addiction). As a result, in order to summarize the prior material, we have chosen addiction as a bad outcome.

Video game escapism is always considered and associated with negative or deleterious effects. Yes, it is true that escapism can be very dangerous and unhealthy if engaged too long. However, it has some benefits.

A completely new level of immersion and interaction in storytelling is made possible by the use of video games. The design of a game contains many of the inventive aspects of other art forms, including its aesthetics, animation, character development, and audio. Video games can provide a new medium for human expression and escape, just like other forms of this art.

By giving players a virtual place to “hang out” with their real-life friends or create new ones online, social video games have been demonstrated to improve psychological wellness by fostering a closer bond and better intimacy.

As a result, video games have earned the moniker “real life power ups.”

By properly escaping using video games, one could regulate his mood and emotions during unprecedented times.

With all being said, it is important to note that even good things done exclusively can be bad. People that are content with their lives do not develop a gaming addiction. They play games not to escape, but rather to have a little extra fun, explore other people’s imaginations, and perform actions that would be physically impossible to perform in the real world.

Video games should be played in the right way, for the right amount of time.

Play Responsibly! 🎮🎮🎮